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Design Phases

What the Landscape Architect does is to see the forest for the trees. Take complex issues and come up with a solution that builds on it strengths and has a sense of place. This is true for any of the Categories noted above.

The following are some elements of this process that I use in approaching design.

Project Context

Site Planning

Schematic Design

Good design seeks has an underlying logic that carries through and design intent is clear.

Typically a schematic design will reflect plant massing, significant grades and generic materials. the plan illustrates the sequence of experience as you move through it. This is a collaborative process in which ideas are presented and refined. The Master Plan will serve as a road map for further development or will be the basis for initial Estimating and Construction Detailing to follow.

Cost Estimating

The cost of a project can vary significantly depending on the details and quality of the installation. This is reflected in the Schematic plan although reductions can be made that keep the overall concept intact. We typically work closely with the General Contractor and Landscape Contractor in developing the overall cost for the project.

Construction Documentation

This varies with the scale of the project and the nature of the bidding. Often with smaller projects we do a negotiated bid with the Contractor. We are fully conversant with CAD and do Layout, grading, planting, irrigation, and lighting.

Fountain Detail CAD

Project Coordination

A garden project is only as successful as the quality of the installation to assess the progress. Minor modifications inevitably are made to the benefit of the project. Plans are like orchestration. We provide the on site direction for the layout and installation of the garden. Jonathan will direct the placement of all planting.

Plant Acquisition

Our firm often acquires the specimen and much of the planting on a project. We have a wide network of sources for specimen and unusual plants and coordinate their acquisition, shipping and ultimate placement on site