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Utilizing Form & Frame to Create
a Sense of Place

“We seek natural design logic which grants meaning to form, gives a frame to the view, and creates a sense of place. The spaces fit their function seamlessly. Materials are utilized in ways that respect their innate qualities and plants are chosen to create an immediate transformation that intrinsically feels ‘right’.”

– Jonathan Plant, LSA


Residential Gardens

Smaller gardens with intimate spaces and distant views. Smaller spaces need a finely gauged sense of scale. The most important aspect of a garden is how it makes you feel. These are spaces that when all the elements are just right the garden becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. These are the gardens which are memorable.


These projects are larger areas usually involving site planning and phased development. Multiple buildings, vehicular circulation, and amenities such as pools, bocce, tennis, and horse paddocks. Environmental stewardship is often a significant issue. Fire, Water, and maintenance are critical issues as well.


Commercial projects have varied from Historic Renovation, multi use housing, Parks, Restaurants, and mostly Wineries. Winery projects have focused on the experience of the visitors and outdoor tasting or entertainment. Outdoor kitchens, gathering areas, parking, and Cave entrances often addressed

Gargiulo Vineyards

Understanding a Site

What is the potential of a site?

What are the challenges?

What are you starting with in terms of climate parameters and micro-climates?

These are questions that I have intuitively studied for my entire career. As a trained horticulturist I am attuned to the natural environment which surrounds me.

☜ Gargiulo Vineyards, Napa Valley
     Borrowed Scenery, own the horizon

Site Planning

Great site planning is the basis for great design.

  • Hotels
  • Wineries
  • City Offices
  • High Schools
  • Pocket Parks
  • Museums
  • Arboretum
  • Farms & Edible Gardens
  • Ranches
  • Residential Estates
Hall Family Wines - North Fountain

Schematic Design

You have to inspire and connect with your client. We are strong believers in the hand drawn presentation to complement CAD work. It is all about communication. You have to instill a sense of confidence that your client is in good hands.

Schematic design is a collaborative process between ourselves, the client, and the design team.

☜ Saint Helena Garden


What is the context for design? Everyone is cost conscious. Within any design there is a wide range of cost possibilities. A strong design will reflect a sense of priority within the overall effect of the landscape.

Preconstruction Planning
& Teamwork

Staging a project, tree potection, and the acquisition of key specimens all need to be planned before a project starts. Close coordination with the design team is essential from thes stage  through construction.

Jonathan Plant - Palm Planting Installation




Fountain Detail CAD

CAD Drawings

In a time when information is transferred between a design team and a client, it is essential to be completely conversant with CAD documentation. Whether this is in a linked site or simply via shared information we strive to be on top of new technologies in the design field.

Landscape Installation

Drawing are to the landscape as sheet music is to performance. They are road maps which should always be tested in the field. Minor adjustments are the mark of successful projects. We review and accommodate the layout and grading of the design and place all plants in the field on our projects.

Saint Helena Garden ☞

Horticulture & Design

We believe all landscapes should feel alive. The synthesis of sophisticated Horticulture and sensitive, inspired Design is the mark of great landscapes and gardens.

☜ Drought Tolerant Planting

Plant Brokerage

We are available for consultations of larger projects or specific planting design challenges. We also have a wide network of specimen sources and can help brokerage unusual plants for significant projects.

Trinchero Family Estate ☞
Napa Valley